My name is Catherine Eadle and I founded the Dyscalculia Network in 2019. I hold a BEd (Hons) in Teaching from Oxford University. I trained and worked with the late Dorian Yeo (leading expert, author and lecturer in teaching pupils with maths difficulties) at Emerson House School and hold the Certificate in the Teaching of Mathematics for Specific Learning Difficulties (2003). Dorian Yeo’s work inspired me to become a specialist Dyscalculia maths teacher and I have been solely teaching maths for 17 years. I have worked at both boys and girls independent schools as a teacher and Head of Maths.

In 2017 I opened ‘The Little Maths Room’ which is a specialist tutoring service in Oxfordshire, UK supporting pupils with Dyscalculia and additional needs. As my reputation as an experienced Dyscalculia tutor grew I realised that I was answering enquires from hundreds of teachers, students and parents from all over the UK (and further afield); there simply wasn’t the information and resources available in one place online for those dealing with Dyscalculia.