Location: England

Specialist teacher in Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties

I qualified as a teacher in 1984 and taught throughout the primary age range- including Early Years. In 2015 I qualified as a SpLd Teacher and began tutoring privately. In 2020 I moved to online tuition when the pandemic hit. I have remained tutoring online and make sessions interactive and fun .  I was recently asked to support a student with GCSE Maths which I thoroughly enjoyed so I decided to develop my skills further and completed a Level 5 course in maths difficulties and dyscalculia.

I home educate my children and so have experience of the curriculum from KS1 to GCSE. I have worked with children from the home ed community and also children who are in school. I have experience of working with students with anxiety and  am keen to  work with students to make them comfortable.

I recently qualified from Edge Hill with a PGCert in Dyscalculia. I am a Specialist Dyscalculia Teacher and can also screen for dyscalculia.

I am a Specialist Dyscalculia Teacher with a PGCE in Dyscalculia from Edge Hill University. I’ve been a primary teacher for over 25 years. I taught in schools for around 18 years and then left the classroom to go into private tuition, specialising in pupils with SEN. As I personally struggled with maths as a child, I really enjoy working with pupils with maths difficulties. I strongly believe in making maths lessons as stress-free as possible and use multi-sensory techniques and resources to help build confidence and a positive attitude to maths.

I trained as a secondary maths teacher over 20 years, and worked in schools up until 2010.  At this point I moved into teaching maths in FE – I specialised in teaching basic skills maths and GCSE to those on the C/D border.  Wherever I worked there was a large number of children with undiagnosed learning difficulties in maths – SENCOs couldn’t often provide the specific support in schools and study skills tutors in FE didn’t either, which was why I felt it was important  to train as a specialist in this area.  

More recently I have been training teachers at an FE college, as well as providing private maths tuition both online and in person.  I currently offer private tuition for students with maths anxiety, maths learning difficulties, dyscalculia, or are just struggling to keep up with maths in school.  I provide initial screenings for support than design targeted programmes of learning that are based around a multisensory approach.  Students learn in a comfortable environment, without any pressure, using concrete materials, and learning this way means they thrive.

I also offer staff training for education staff on maths difficulties & Dyscalculia – identifying difficulties and supporting students.