I have been a teacher since 1996 and have been a Specialist Teacher with more than 19 years’ assessment experience, and have been passionate about bringing the best possible education to all students since volunteering in a unit for pupils with additional needs while I was at university.

I have worked in mainstream, specialist schools and in LEA support services, before setting out on my own and forming Education Access in 2016

I engage positively with schools and colleges before performing the assessments using a range of standardised, formal and informal testing. Following this, I produce a report detailing my findings. My reports are designed to be understood by non-experts, whilst still containing the details required for other practitioners to provide their support. In addition, the reports are suitable to support applications for Disability Student Allowance, if a specific learning difficulty is diagnosed. They include actionable recommendations, which are tailored to the particular needs of the people I assess. These recommendations are carefully chosen to be useful within both school and home environments. In addition, I can also signpost to other services which may be of benefit.

You can read more about my practise at https://educationaccess.co.uk/, and view reviews of my work at https://www.facebook.com/educationaccessuk/reviews/. I would be delighted to discuss any queries you have in advance of the assessment; you can arrange this by emailing me at rebecca@educationaccess.co.uk.

I am a qualified Specialist Teacher holding an approved qualification and a current Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Assessment Practising Certificate and supporting qualifications:

  • AMBDA, British Dyslexia Association;
  • Assessment Practising Certificate, British Dyslexia Association;
  • BDA Approved Teacher Dyscalculia (ATD), British Dyslexia Association;
  • AMBDAD, (Dyscalculia) British Dyslexia Association;
  • Masters in Special Educational Needs (M.Ed – Equality and Diversity).