As an approved assessor and specialist teacher for Dyscalculia, I carry out diagnostic assessment for both diagnoses of Dyscalculia and to inform teaching for learners with mathematical learning difficulties.  I am a qualified, experienced Primary School Teacher who has taught across the primary age range working with a variety of learners, including those with special educational needs. As a skilled intervention teacher, I teach learners from KS1-KS3 on a one-to-one basis, both online and at learner’s homes. Lessons are individually tailored to learner’s specific needs, using a multi-sensory approach to enable them to think mathematically, reason, make connections and build their confidence, with the aim of enabling them to discover their true potential as a mathematician.

As an accredited PD Lead (NCETM), I also provide professional development opportunities for teachers to effectively teach those with Mathematical Learning Difficulties and Dyscalculia. My training includes being a Numbers Count Teacher, Numicon Intervention Practitioner, work with Spot on with Numbers and being an accredited Dyscalculia teacher, as well as an MA in Education- Early Mathematics Intervention.