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Breda Mckinney

Breda Mckinney

In addition to my Level 7 SpLD-Dyscalculia qualification, I am a qualified teacher (QTS) and experienced SENCO.  I have been teaching children and young people with Dyscalculia and mathematical difficulties for over fifteen years. I teach both Maths and English from Reception Year upwards and have prepared many students for the 11+ and Common Entrance exam phases.

I use specialist assessments including the Feifer Assessment for Mathematics (FAM), Steve Chinn Anxiety questionnaire and Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT) to form a picture of need and develop a teaching plan bespoke to each student’s individual learning needs. I ascertain the point at which a child's learning progress is secure, and I work from there, building on understanding and progress as well as addressing any gaps in learning which in turn, leads to increased self-confidence in the student.

Incorporated within my teaching is the development of sound study skills which prepare them for exams in both the primary and secondary phases. I teach the skills and strategies required to support students in learning to answer exam questions and to develop greater confidence and speed. Within this work I include activities designed to ensure that pupils have developed the necessary mathematical vocabulary and reading skills to enable them to accurately read and understand mathematical word problems.

With twenty years’ experience of supporting children and young people with learning challenges in both State and Independent schools as well as tutoring, I have a wealth of knowledge of the strategies and pathways that support students to experience academic success and achieve increased self-confidence.


  • Services offered

    Assessment at tutees home, Assessment at Tutors home / place of business

  • Reference from a professional

    I have known Breda McKinney since October 2020 whilst working at the Preparatory School where she was Head of Learning Support and SENCO. I work at the school as a specialist Level 7 teacher and also completed diagnostic dyslexia assessments for a number of children in the school who were referred to me by Breda. Breda's leadership of the Learning Support Department was both efficient in terms of management and impactful upon children's attainment. She managed the administrative affairs of the department such as timetabling for me and communication with parents in an organised way that enabled me to focus my time on planning and teaching high quality lessons. Breda had a breadth of knowledge about special educational needs and learning difficulties that shone through in her communication with Learning Support staff, teachers and parents. In November 2021, the ISI inspected the school and complimented the use of assessments for identification of need and provision of learning support. Breda's tracking system demonstrated the impact of learning support lessons upon the progress of the children who attended this provision. Such was the quality of the support given by the whole department, led by Breda, some of our SEN pupils exceeded expected progress. Breda always demonstrated an understanding of the pastoral needs of pupils alongside their SEND needs and she was always appreciative of the efforts of the learning support team in going the extra mile to support students and parents as much as possible. Breda introduced extra maths group lessons for Years 6 - 8 and her specialism in dyscalculia complimented the expertise in dyslexia already within the Learning Support Department. I am delighted to recommend Breda as a Learning Support Teacher and tutor to children and young people who need support with maths. SW Level 7 SpLD Teacher and Diagnostic Assessor APC

  • Qualification

    BMus PGCE MPhil Level 7 SpLD (Dyscalculia) NASENCO

  • Testimonial from a client

    To Whom It My Concern: Reference for Breda McKinney, Maths Tutor Breda has been tutoring my Year 6 aged child since January 2022. We are delighted to find that Breda's multi-sensory and activity-based approach to teaching Maths is really supporting our daughter in underpinning the basic and key concepts that she needs to be able to flourish in maths skills as she moves towards secondary level education. Our daughter is able but in Maths having the confidence to 'give it a go' needs some support and revision of the more abstract topics, concepts and word problems has been very helpful. Through assessment, Breda also pinpointed a weakness in subtraction which was addressed quickly and led to greater confidence almost overnight. Our daughter loves Breda's lessons, and we just wish we had found Breda sooner! SM

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    DBS Update Service: C9401103468 (Updated annually)

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    Indemnity insurance acquired.

  • Age Range

    3 -18 Primary and Secondary

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