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Dr Grace Elliott

In addition to my MA, MSc and PhD qualifications, I am a qualified SENCO (PGSENCO), teacher (PGCE & QTS) and specialist teacher (ATS). I also have AMBDA and an APC.
I have been teaching children and adolescents with Dyscalculia and Maths difficulties for over fifteen years, and have enjoyed seeing the progress that my students make in a short space of time. I have supported children from Reception and prepared many students for the Common Entrance Examinations at 11+. I first taught at Reading Boys Grammar School, then Wellington College and later Barfield Prep School.

I use specialist assessments to pinpoint the areas of strengths and difficulty, and create a bespoke teaching plan for each person based on their own particular interests and gaps in learning. The multisensory lessons are engaging and ensure that progress is made. A report is written at the end of each lesson to record what has been covered, the progress that has been made and the next steps to continue to build on the learning that has taken place.

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