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Jude O’Connor

I am a qualified teacher who specialises in teaching children and adults who find maths especially difficult.

I aim for my lessons to be challenging yet enjoyable, using a variety of hands-on equipment, games and resources that develop greater understanding of the concepts that underpin maths and help to alleviate the anxiety that often comes hand-in-hand with more traditional teaching methods.

I work alongside my students to develop a highly individualised programme of support, building on their confidence with carefully planned incremental steps towards their personal goals.



  • Services offered

    Tuition at tutees home, Tuition at tutors home / place of business, Online tuition, Dyscalculia training

  • Reference from a professional

    I can confirm that Jude O’Connor completed a Level 7 BDA accredited course to teach those with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyscalculia). She is a friendly and skilled practitioner who develops a rich understanding of each learner’s background and unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. Jude develops individualised teaching programmes in which each lesson builds on the learner’s previous knowledge or experience. She uses a variety of engaging and hands-on teaching strategies to support mathematical learning and supports learners with anxiety to develop self-regulative skills, giving them new confidence to try new strategies. Sarah Ankers, Senior Lecturer, University of Chester

  • Qualification

    Accredited Teacher Dyscalculia Level 7 (2021); TSST Secondary Maths (2018); PGCE Primary Maths (2005)

  • Testimonial from a client

    I'm so glad we found Jude! She has tutored my 11 year old dyscalculic daughter for the past year and has done so much to ease her anxiety around maths allowing her to be willing to engage with maths again. Jude went right back to basics which was just what she needed to set her off on the right track. My daughter loves the lessons because there are always hands-on resources to work with and fun games to play, making it a very different experience to school and no worksheets!

  • DBS information

    Enhanced DBS, Update service, Certificate number on request

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