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Katherine Papageorgiou

I am an experienced teacher, I qualified in in 1992 and have been teaching and tutoring ever since.

I trained as a secondary school science and maths teacher.

However, I have dyslexia, which meant that I always wanted to help the students who struggled.

Through my tutoring, I quickly started working with younger students and those who were struggling greatly.  I set up a club in the school for the those who were struggling to come and play learning games, learn to type and to have a moan about the teaching approach.  Obviously this gave me a great insight into what actually worked for the students and what made things easier or more difficult in the classroom.  By applying what I learned from them directly into my practice, I found my own teaching became more effective.


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    Assessment at tutees home, Assessment at Tutors home / place of business, Online tuition, Dyscalculia training

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    Georgina Smith Holden recommends Cambourne Dyslexia Tutoring and assessing, Cambridge,. 3 May 2019 · I know Kate on a professional level and respect her advice and guidance. She is a person within our professional field whose knowledge and judgement can be trusted

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    SpLD level7, AMBDA, Level 6 Teaching Learners with difficulties in maths, BA Psychology, BSc Biology, QTS, PGCE

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    Louise Murden recommends Cambourne Dyslexia Tutoring and assessing, Cambridge,. 15 December 2019 · I can highly recommend Kate, for children/adults struggling with Dyslexia like me. Her method of teaching is brilliant, she has a lot of patience and is very caring and understanding. Amanda Hunt recommends Cambourne Dyslexia Tutoring and assessing, Cambridge,. 4 May 2019 · Kate is a passionate professional in her field, keeps up to date & is pro active in approaching each individual's unique needs & learning styles. Kate is very capable of meeting the needs of her clients being young Children, Teens & Adults of all ages, putting their minds at ease & making learning fun without the anxiety that is usually present. Thank you for everything Kate

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    I have a current DBS and have signed up with the update service

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    I have 3rd party liability and professional indemnity

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