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Louise Langford

As an approved assessor and specialist teacher for Dyscalculia, I carry out diagnostic assessment for both diagnoses of Dyscalculia and to inform teaching for learners with mathematical learning difficulties.  I am a qualified, experienced Primary School Teacher who has taught across the primary age range working with a variety of learners, including those with special educational needs. As a skilled intervention teacher, I teach learners from KS1-KS3 on a one-to-one basis, both online and at learner’s homes. Lessons are individually tailored to learner’s specific needs, using a multi-sensory approach to enable them to think mathematically, reason, make connections and build their confidence, with the aim of enabling them to discover their true potential as a mathematician.

As an accredited PD Lead (NCETM), I also provide professional development opportunities for teachers to effectively teach those with Mathematical Learning Difficulties and Dyscalculia. My training includes being a Numbers Count Teacher, Numicon Intervention Practitioner, work with Spot on with Numbers and being an accredited Dyscalculia teacher, as well as an MA in Education- Early Mathematics Intervention.


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    Assessment at tutees home, Tuition at tutees home, Online tuition, Dyscalculia training

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    On request

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    APC with PATOSS, AMBDA with BDA, ATD with BDA, PG Diploma in Education - Dyscalculia, MA in Education- Early Mathematics Education, QTS Primary Teacher

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    Following our daughter’s diagnosis of Dyscalculia at the start of Year 8, we were keen to engage a tutor to help her develop some strategies and processes she could use that might help her both with her maths and her maths anxiety. There seemed to be limited options available to us and I was lucky to come across Louise Langford from repeated searches on the internet. Louise agreed to meet Rosie and after an initial assessment to continue with weekly sessions. Louise has been encouraging and enthusiastic with Rosie, not only helping with basics that she missed in her early years education but presenting her with innovative, engaging and fun ways to approach maths. Rosie is demonstrably less stressed and worried whilst she is with Louise and is growing in confidence and ability in her maths lessons at school. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Louise, she quickly gained a rapport with Rosie and through her continued efforts is having a very positive effect on Rosie’s life.

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