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Marijke Walters De Veerman

With over 20 years of experience teaching secondary school maths in the UK, Marijke possesses a wide range of knowledge and expertise. She is a former Head of Department, a Specialist Leader in Mathematics Education (SLE), holds NPQSL and a Master's degree in mathematics education, and is also a member of the National Association of Mathematics Advisers. Having obtained the Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Dyscalculia Research and Practice, she is now a dyscalculia assessor.

Being one of the few level 7 qualified dyscalculia specialists in secondary mathematics, she has extensive experience teaching learners who do not always receive the support they need to succeed. As a learning specialist, she has worked with individuals with ASC, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD and Maths Anxiety. Due to her experience as a CODA (Child of Deaf Adult) and ex-ToD (Teacher of the Deaf), she is able to teach math in British Sign Language. Her lessons are one-to-one and can be conducted either online or in person.

In addition to performing a full dyscalculia diagnostic process to determine the exact nature of the math difficulties and providing personalised recommendations, she can provide specialist tuition for students with maths learning difficulties as well as training teachers and support staff in mainstream and special schools. She is also a primary and secondary maths consultant and adviser. For more information and bookings please send an email to with your name, address, requirements and questions J.


  • Services offered

    Assessment at Tutors home / place of business, Tuition at tutees home, Tuition at tutors home / place of business, Online tuition

  • Reference from a professional

    Janet Gibson ( Marijke is a highly experienced maths teacher and tutor. She is now a self-employed tutor and works for Calderdale HI services as a supply teacher. I have known Marijke a long time and fully recommend her services as a dyscalculia tutor. She has a lot of experience working with children with HI, ASD, ADHD and SpLD, and she is also working towards her Level 7 to be able to diagnose for dyscalculia.

  • Qualification

    PGCE Mathematics with QTS MA in Mathematics Education SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) NPQSL (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders) Postgraduate Certificate in Dyscalculia Research and Practice Postgraduate Diploma in Dyscalculia Research and Practice Accredited Teacher Dyscalculia (ATD) Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association (AMBDA) and Assessment Practicing Certificate (APC) holder

  • Testimonial from a client

    Lesley France Would highly recommend this kind, skilled, caring and very patient teacher. My daughter had fantastic support in gaining her GCSE maths XxxxxxxxX Nicci Wilson: All four of my children have come on leaps and bounds, under the careful tuition of Mrs Walters. Highly recommend, Mrs Walters for maths tutoring, we’d be lost without her ! 👍 Louise Burrows: Just wanted to share to say- my eldest girl lost motivation to do school work over lockdown as I’m sure many have- it was hard work to motivate her to want to do anything. Us as parents aren’t always seen by our children as people who are supposed to teach them. I reached out to this lovely lady who has made Georgia want to learn again making it fun and enjoyable xx thanks so much x Nicola Tilson Mrs Walters is a great tutor. My son doesn’t enjoy maths and in his words ‘doesn’t get it’ but Mrs Walters teaches it a way that not only does he understand but he actually enjoys!! I cannot thank Marijke enough for the support and confidence she has given my son in completing his maths exam and in just a few months as well! She’s been truly amazing and made learning such fun. My son says she’s the best teacher he’s ever had! He has loved his lessons with her and I can’t recommend Marijke enough. By Suzi Parker Starting working with Marijke back in June in preparation to get my maths Gcse after never taking it back in school almost 7 years ago. Couldn’t have asked for a better tutor sat my 3 exam papers this week and felt very comfortable with every paper and very prepared for all the questions. All of this within 5 months of lesson, couldn’t asked for a better teacher. By Sam Parker Unequivocally Superlative! If you're looking for a Maths Tutor to support, empower, motivate and help your child through their GCSE's. I can unequivocally say that Marijke at Maths Solutions would be an excellent choice. Just like many parents, we unfortunately realised that our sons maths teachers at school, did not possess the time or resources to effectively teach our son. Consequently, we asked Marijke to guide him through the curriculum and she was absolutely amazing. Her specialist techniques and expertise in dyscalculia, definitely helped him to grasp a wide range of areas that he previously found extremely difficult. By Marvin Williams Our son has struggled with Maths throughout school. As a result, in Y9, we took steps to help him and took him to a well known maths tutoring company. He made no progress at all. As he entered Y11 we decided he needed a change of tutor and this is when we found Marijke (Maths Solutions). Marijke has been the ONE and ONLY teacher that has been able to show our son the understanding, which resulted in a two grade jump for his GCSE and for the very first time, he actually started to enjoy maths. If you are reading this because you are wondering if Maths Solutions is for you then you need to get booked in because it is well worth the money and Marijke will absolutely deliver! I would not recommend anyone else. Thank you Marijke for all you have done for us. By Vicky Green My son has always struggled with maths. He was nervous about going to a tutor as he thought he would never understand it. He has discalcula. He had no confidence with trying the extra maths questions in school. Since coming to Marijke he has really grown confident in his ability to do maths. He is answering questions he never thought he would be able to. He was relived that he was able to learn maths and now joins in with the extra questions at school. Marijke has been a God send for my son 🙌💗 Thank you so much ❤️ By Bernadette Ogley Marijke was fantastic in helping me pass my level 2 maths. I have struggled with maths throughout school and now in adult life I needed to gain a level 2 in maths for a job role. I have had difficulties understanding maths however Marijke through her hard work, dedication and enthusiasm helped me achieve 88% in my level 2 maths functional skills. Dyslexia has been a obstacle for me even into adult life. Marijke taught me new methods which suited my way of learning. Great teacher. Thank you for everything. By Joe Ladlow Has an adult I’ve never been great at maths. I did poorly at school and thought that was just not one of my skills. Finding out I needed my maths level 2 for my masters was a shock. The group sessions set up didn’t help, so I organised a weekly session with Marijke. Not only was she patient, but really kind and understanding. Marijke also helped built my confidence and was brilliant. I cant recommend her enough and the good news is that I passed. Shanaz Mason Our daughter commenced sessions with Marijke at the start of the month after being diagnosed with dyscalculia late last year at age 13. Whilst it’s still early days we already think that her confidence has increased and her anxiety regarding Maths generally, but tests in particular, has reduced. Marijke met with us all via video call before the sessions started to break the ice and give us an overview of her approach which we found very helpful. After each session she provides a debrief about what she has covered and how it’s gone which is informative and reassuring. Marijke seems to have a built a good rapport with our daughter already which is fantastic and can only support her further regarding her confidence. Marijke, in our experience so far, has been supportive and reassuring, clearly explained her approach and aims, is passionate about supporting children with dyscalculia and, moreover, is approachable and personable. Whilst our key aim of the sessions is not necessarily to boost grades we have seen some improvement in this respect already, which is hugely encouraging for our daughter (and for us). At present we feel very optimistic about the sessions and their benefits to our daughter. By Claire Hall Fantastic and gifted tutor Marijke's skill at delivering enjoyable and interactive lessons to our teenage daughter has been a revelation. Having been diagnosed with Dyscalculia in Y11 and the worry over her ever achieving the pass in Maths her career aspirations needed, Marijke has made a huge difference to her confidence. She is actually laughing in the sessions when Maths normally reduces her to tears. Whilst much hard work lies ahead but with Marijke's help we finally stand a chance. Thank you By Perry Shears Mrs. Walters is absolutely wonderful. My son is visually impaired and she works with him with things he can see so that he truly understands. My son has really come out of his shell with her and is no longer afraid to ask questions or get things wrong. She gives me regular updates on his progress and gives me tips to help him improve between lessons. I would recommend her to anyone who asks. By Courtney Mirlees Definitely 5 stars plus! Marijke makes maths fun and engages my SEN child, I can’t recommend her enough. A child that once hated maths, now looks forward to each lesson with Marijke. The difference in a few months unbelievable. By Claire Lindley In the first lockdown Joe lost a lot of Maths confidence and on return to school felt he was behind other children in his set. He has been having weekly lessons with Maths solutions and he is back enjoying Maths. His confidence is through the roof. He looks forward to his lesson and uses it as place to talk through the things he hasn’t understood at school. I’m amazed at the level of work he is undertaking. He finds the lessons energetic, and fun. I highly recommend. By Kate Watkins We've been working with Marijke a few months now and not only does she effectively teaches our kid using different methods to calculate but also she builds confidence in maths in general which is very important. With her our child loves maths! By Alina Turetskaya

  • DBS information

    enhanced DBS (renewed yearly through DBS update service)

  • Age Range

    11-16 and adult

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