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Nichola Evans

I trained as a secondary maths teacher over 20 years, and worked in schools up until 2010.  At this point I moved into teaching maths in FE - I specialised in teaching basic skills maths and GCSE to those on the C/D border.  Wherever I worked there was a large number of children with undiagnosed learning difficulties in maths - SENCOs couldn’t often provide the specific support in schools and study skills tutors in FE didn't either, which was why I felt it was important  to train as a specialist in this area.  

More recently I have been training teachers at an FE college, as well as providing private maths tuition both online and in person.  I currently offer private tuition for students with maths anxiety, maths learning difficulties, dyscalculia, or are just struggling to keep up with maths in school.  I provide initial screenings for support than design targeted programmes of learning that are based around a multisensory approach.  Students learn in a comfortable environment, without any pressure, using concrete materials, and learning this way means they thrive.

I also offer staff training for education staff on maths difficulties & Dyscalculia - identifying difficulties and supporting students.


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    Tuition at tutors home / place of business, Online tuition, Dyscalculia training

  • Reference from a professional

    Nichola is one of the few level 7 qualified dyscalculia teachers in the UK, and is currently working towards becoming one of the few level 7 qualified dyscalculia assessors. She is a dedicated specialist teacher of maths difficulties and dyscalculia. Having taught in both Further Education and secondary schools to a variety of levels, her breadth of knowledge is substantial. Nichola has specialised in supporting students aged 11 and older where they have a diagnosis of dyscalculia/ maths difficulties or think they might have. She is able to screen for specific learning difficulties related to maths and construct an individualised programme of learning to support their specific needs. Any 1:1 tuition given by Nichola is tailored specifically to the needs of the learner. Nichola also has an in-depth knowledge of other specific learning difficulties and neurodevelopmental conditions that impact on success in maths. She is able to provide personalised support and strategies to help overcome any related difficulties. Nichola has extensive experience with children at GCSE age particularly those on the C/D or 3/4 border or those with maths anxiety. She is able to use her expertise in coaching and mentoring to help reduce maths anxiety and support students to reach their true potential, whatever grade that is. Nichola is committed to ensuring the needs of her students are met. She maintains an up to date subject knowledge through regular CPD. She then disseminates this knowledge by delivering staff training in helping teachers to support learners with maths difficulties. I fully support Nichola’s request to join the dyscalculia network and I know she will be a very good addition to the group of L7 qualified dyscalculia experts, both academically and in sharing her teaching expertise. Marijke Walters

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    Post Grad Dip in Dyscalculia Research & Assessment; Master of Education (MEd); BSc (QTS) Secondary Education (Maths); Coaching & Mentoring level 5

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    Nichola started tutoring my daughter when she was in year 9. She has always struggled with maths, and we have since found out she has dyscalculia. Nichola was able to prepare a bespoke programme of support to develop the specific numeracy skills she was lacking. As my daughter got older, this was done alongside supporting her with her GCSE maths. My daughter also has a number of complex medical needs. This did not deter Nichola from providing excellent support, even when our daughter had limited sight for a year due to medical complications. Nichola read up on the conditions and worked around them. She also made suggestions to the school on exam access arrangements, which along with guidance from the RNIB meant she had specific considerations and thus modifications in her exams. My daughter grew in confidence over the lessons with Nichola, and we’re hopeful she will get the grade C she needs to go to 6th form. Nichola has been an outstanding tutor to our daughter and we are grateful for all of her support. Mr & Mrs Wyn-Jones 20-6-22 During lockdown, my 15 year old daughter completely disengaged with schooling, and her anxiety around maths got much worse. I was unable to help her engage with online activity. Nichola started teaching her online, and to start with my daughter wouldn’t even put her camera on. She had forgotten how to do basic maths and the anxiety meant that she was too afraid even to try. Over the sessions, Nichola managed to build up her confidence, and eventually she put her camera on and really enjoyed challenging herself. She kept a written notebook of all of the work she was producing and started to look forward to maths classes again. She re-engaged with her school work and returned to face to face teaching in Sept 2021. I was concerned about the break in learning and her performance, however she took her Maths and Numeracy GSCE exam as an early entry in November and got better fabulous results. An A* and A! Better than we could ever have imagined. This would not have happened without the sessions with Nichola; she would just have got further and further behind. The school were so pleased with her performance that they entered her into Advanced Maths in June 2022. She has now applied for A level maths for September 2022. It's hard to imagine how a bright girl descended into complete disengagement during the disruption to education (covid pandemic). However, thanks to Nichola as a specialist tutor, my daughter was able to engage and excel. We are just amazed at the turnaround and of course very proud. Therefore, I would highly recommend Nichola as a tutor, as she is very patient, supportive, kind and helped my daughter not only to catch up, but to then thrive in maths. Nichola is empathetic to maths anxiety and dyscalculia and demonstrates superb interpersonal skills with young people, with a friendly approach and a “can do” attitude. Rachel Whitton 18/06/22

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