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Rebecca Thompson

I have been a teacher since 1996 and have been a Specialist Teacher with more than 19 years’ assessment experience, and have been passionate about bringing the best possible education to all students since volunteering in a unit for pupils with additional needs while I was at university.

I have worked in mainstream, specialist schools and in LEA support services, before setting out on my own and forming Education Access in 2016

I engage positively with schools and colleges before performing the assessments using a range of standardised, formal and informal testing. Following this, I produce a report detailing my findings. My reports are designed to be understood by non-experts, whilst still containing the details required for other practitioners to provide their support. In addition, the reports are suitable to support applications for Disability Student Allowance, if a specific learning difficulty is diagnosed. They include actionable recommendations, which are tailored to the particular needs of the people I assess. These recommendations are carefully chosen to be useful within both school and home environments. In addition, I can also signpost to other services which may be of benefit.

You can read more about my practise at, and view reviews of my work at I would be delighted to discuss any queries you have in advance of the assessment; you can arrange this by emailing me at

I am a qualified Specialist Teacher holding an approved qualification and a current Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Assessment Practising Certificate and supporting qualifications:

  • AMBDA, British Dyslexia Association;
  • Assessment Practising Certificate, British Dyslexia Association;
  • BDA Approved Teacher Dyscalculia (ATD), British Dyslexia Association;
  • AMBDAD, (Dyscalculia) British Dyslexia Association;
  • Masters in Special Educational Needs (M.Ed - Equality and Diversity).



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    Assessment at Tutors home / place of business

  • Reference from a professional

    Dear Sir/ Madam I am writing to give my support to Rebecca Thompson’s application for the dyscalculia network. I have known Rebecca for 19 years. Firstly as a colleague and subsequently as her line manager when she worked as a SEN teacher at Alderbrook Secondary school; which had an Additionally Resourced Centre for pupils with MLD and SLCN. I then worked with Rebecca as her Team Manager, for the Communication and Learning Difficulties Team at Solihull Inclusion Support Service (SISS) for three years, then as her Service manager, until 2016, when she left to set up her own business. I have subsequently kept in touch with Rebecca and she is always keen to share anything she has learnt on courses etc with myself and other staff at SISS. Rebecca is a highly experienced teacher who has successful experience of teaching pupils of both secondary and primary age, specialising in teaching pupils with a range of additional learning needs including SpLD’s. Rebecca worked on extended supply for the CLD team, before moving on to work for Worcester LA. She worked as a permanent Specialist Teacher position with the CLD team, from January 2014 until December 2016. In the last decade her focus has been on the teaching and assessment of learners with specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia and dyscalculia. Rebecca has worked in recent years within her private practice providing support for schools, universities etc. including the training specialist teachers. Rebecca is highly motivated and always keen to learn and develop her knowledge further. She is a team player and is highly skilled, knowledgeable, supportive and open to challenge. I have no hesitation is supporting her application. Yours Faithfully Mrs P T. Manager Specialist inclusion Support service, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

  • Qualification

    · AMBDA, British Dyslexia Association;14/AMD1001 · Assessment Practising Certificate, British Dyslexia Association; 20/APC11190 · BDA Approved Teacher Dyscalculia (ATD), British Dyslexia Association; 20/APD04002 · AMBDAD, (Dyscalculia) British Dyslexia Association; BDA 2019855 · Masters in Special Educational Needs (M.Ed - Equality and Diversity). · Masters in Special Educational Needs (M.Ed - Equality and Diversity).

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    Certificate number: 001577535646

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    Hiscox Policy: HU PI6 9370203

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