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Have you tried NUMERULE yet? 


Numerule say:

The Numerule is a manipulative modern teaching aid that incorporates multi-sensory, tactile innovation to support younger primary aged children in building a foundational understanding of mathematics.

This new teaching resource incorporates the sensory elements of touch, sight and sound in a subtle, but focussed manner. The Numerule is a concrete learning aid ideal for kinaesthetic learning. The physically interactive nature of the Numerule makes it ideal for assisting many on the autism spectrum. Those with numerical learning difficulties gain a greater understanding of foundational mathematics.


Thank you to Numerule for sending us some samples; we love this product and have already started using it- some of our ideas include -


- Early counting skills 

- Number bonds

- Bridging strategies 

- Odd and even numbers 

- Measuring e.g., comparing to cuisenaire rod lengths 

- Counting back and forward to nearest ten number


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