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Dyscalculia tutors – What should they offer?


Here are our 10 top dyscalculia tutor requirements!…

Here are our 10 top dyscalculia tutor requirements…

1) The tutor should hold specialist qualifications specifically for dyscalculia teaching (not just dyslexia qualifications or Qualified Teacher Status). It is also beneficial if the tutor has a good understanding and experience of a variety of additional needs e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism as dyscalculia may not be a stand-alone need.

2) The tutor should complete an initial assessment with the tutee either formally (if a diagnosis is required) or informally to find out exactly what the tutee understands before they begin any tuition.

3) The tutor should plan specifically for the tutee. That means the tutor is working at the tutee’s pace and utilising the tutee’s learning strengths whilst supporting their areas of weakness.

4) The tutor should be using the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach (CPA). The use of multi-sensory materials is very important. If the lesson is on line the tutor should be showing the materials via a second camera and ideally the tutee should also have the multi-sensory materials at home.

5) The tutor should use a variety of approaches in their teaching e.g. work with hands on materials, written questions and games.

6) The tutor should make suggestions for games to play to practise learning and/or provide practice work to do between lessons.

7) The tutor should provide regular informal feedback on the tutee’s progress.

8) The tutor should be willing to communicate with the tutee’s school or colleges if applicable. If required they should also offer guidance to ensure the tutee is supported in the best way possible within school.

9) The tutor should be able to offer contributions towards school Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and write reports for Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) applications or plans if required.

10) It’s not all about ticking boxes! You should trust your instincts in choosing a tutor! Make sure both you, and your child, feel at ease with the tutor as having a great relationship with you or your child’s tutor is crucial.

We are delighted to say that ALL the tutors listed on The Dyscalculia Network are qualified specialists!

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