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ERTT Clocks 


We use EasyRead Time Teacher clocks at The Dyscalculia Network (Cat even has one in her office!)


Telling the time is an essential life skill, but we know many learners with dyscalculia and maths difficulties struggle with telling the time and working out time durations. 

The learner must first have all the pre-skills needed to tell the time - skills


The face on the ERTT is designed to make telling the time simple.  As well as bold digits representing hours, the minute numbers are clearly marked, along with the half and quarter hours.  The clock face works with a clever 3-step process for telling the time:

  1. Read the number at the end of the long hand

  2. Say which side the long hand is pointing to (minutes past or to)

  3. Read the number at the end of the short hand.


It’s the simplified process that helps learners to succeed in telling the time and gain in confidence. 


As well as wall clocks, EasyRead Time Teacher sell watches, teaching aids and class resources  and their Classroom Set have everything you need to help your children confidently tell the time.


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