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Factor Rainbows 

Caroline Read 

Finally for older learners the fun does not have to  stop! 


Older children still love to play games and often don’t realise that they are learning as they play.  


For this game each player either chooses a 2-digit number or generates it with a dice (10s and 1s place value dice are fantastic!) 


Each player then finds the factors of their number, checking with Cuisenaire rods if needed, and then writes their factors on the rainbow. 


Using a rainbow helps the learner to understand when all factors have been found (there will be an identical number or 2 consecutive numbers at each end of the rainbow when all factors have been found). 


Now the fun part! Flip a double-sided counter if it lands on red the player with the lowest number of factors wins and if it lands on yellow the player with the highest number of factors wins! 


Have fun! 

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