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GCSE Maths - Advice for Teachers

Marijke Walters (Approved by Peter Jarrett)


Speak to your SENCO on how to support the learner – they often have a lot of information and are very happy to share this with you


Have a look at the child’s one page profile or IEP; this will give you little tips on how to help your learner


Ask your Head of Department /school to organise CPD/training


If CPD/training is not available look at 

We recommend the book 'More trouble with maths' by Steve Chinn. 


You will help the learner enormously if you could differentiate the work. Differentiating by outcome can be a useful tool-  they can sometimes do the work but need more time to process the questions.


Don’t ask the learner to give an answer on the spot - be aware of maths anxiety -webinar on maths anxiety available here-


Read our parent guidance so you know what parents are expecting -

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