GCSE Maths – Advice for Teachers

Marijke Walters (Approved by Peter Jarrett)


Speak to your SENCO on how to support the learner – they often have a lot of information and are very happy to share this with you


Have a look at the child’s one page profile or IEP; this will give you little tips on how to help your learner


Ask your Head of Department /school to organise CPD/training


If CPD/training is not available look at https://www.dyscalculianetwork.com/resources/ 

We recommend the book ‘More trouble with maths’ by Steve Chinn. 


You will help the learner enormously if you could differentiate the work. Differentiating by outcome can be a useful tool-  they can sometimes do the work but need more time to process the questions.


Don’t ask the learner to give an answer on the spot – be aware of maths anxiety -webinar on maths anxiety available here-https://youtu.be/ahdSYOsciu8


Read our parent guidance so you know what parents are expecting – https://www.dyscalculianetwork.com/gcse-maths-advice-for-parents-of-pupils-with-dyscalculia-or-maths-difficulties/