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Create a Gingerbread House 


Using a net to build a 3D shape is a great fun and helps develop spatial maths skills.


Download the template to make a Gingerbread House here- 

The Dyscalculia Network - Gingerbread House Template A


The instructions are - 

Carefully cut out the house and the roof

Fold along the lines - fold inwards so the lines are hidden on the inside

Decorate the outside of your Gingerbread House - look up gingerbread houses on -line for inspiration- you could use paint, pens, pencil crayons or stickers!

Glue your gingerbread house together using the tabs - do the house first and then add the roof

If you wanted to create a tea light holder you could cut out a window on each side and add a battery operated candle! (no real flames!) 

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