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Rob Jennings from The Dyscalculia Network interviews Steve Chinn about his new book:

'How to teach maths - understanding learners needs'

  The questions asked in the video include:
  1. Can you tell us a little bit about where the idea for the book came from?
  2. We have many of your other books, so what do you cover here that is different from your other publications?
  3. In chapter 2 of your book, you mention that you believe that maths difficulties are on a spectrum. What difficulties might a parent or teacher observe in a child that would suggest they might need an intervention program and indeed might indicate dyscalculia?
  4. In the chapter on assessment and diagnosis, which is more important for the parent?
  5. In chapter 5, why do you think that some topics in maths are harder than others for the dyscalculic student?
  6. Many parents ask what they can do to help their child or what the school should be doing, to assist their child who is struggling with maths difficulties. What advice can you give them?
  7. Finally, what's next.... do you have any other projects in the pipeline?
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