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Largest Number Game 

By Karen Go Soco 

A game for 2 or more players

This game provides practice of reading large numbers 


Large numbers can often seem daunting and can be tricky to read. Breaking them down into 3-digit chunks on a place value grid, trying to make the biggest number to beat your opponent, encourages understanding of the place value and helps build confidence and fluency in reading the resulting numbers.


This game can easily be played with the digit chunks written on cards instead of sticks. It could also be played using just two chunks, to focus on 6-digit numbers.


You will need:


Place value grid

A selection of mini Lolly Pop Sticks with 3-digit numbers on each / or cards


Decide how many rounds of the game you will play!


Take turns to pick a stick/card


Choose where to put your card on the place value grid


You cannot move it once placed


Read you and your opponents numbers 


The biggest number wins the round 



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