Maths Anxiety Awareness Day – November 10th 2022  


We have organised a number of events to promote an awareness

of Maths Anxiety: –


  • We have officially registered November 10th as the ‘MATHS ANXIETY AWARENESS DAY’ and we will organise unique events around that day every year to promote awareness of this important condition, which affects both children and adults.
  • We plan to have a free webinar on the actual day this year which kicks off at 7.30pm in the evening and will include videos from (1) Dominic Petronzi, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Derby (school of psychology). He is a member of the University’s Mathematics Anxiety Research Group (MARG) and his PhD focused on exploring and understanding when mathematics anxiety develops in children and what contributes towards this. In this video Dom will answer questions from Rob Jennings, about Maths Anxiety. (2) Two videos from people who sufferer from Maths Anxiety (both an adult and a child). At the end of the event we will invite questions from subscribers who are in attendance.
  • We have teamed up with Twinkl (, an international online educational publishing house, producing teaching and educational materials, to produce a video and top tips to help their Teaching Assistant’s group to identify and help those suffering from Maths Anxiety. They will also include an article in their newsletter which is circulated to all of their members.
  • We plan to post a number of great articles written by people who specialise in Maths Anxiety.We will offer a free ‘Maths Anxiety checklist’ download for parents, teachers and teaching assistants, who would like to quantify the level of maths anxiety of their pupil/ child.