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Maths Anxiety Awareness Day

The Dyscalculia Network announces that Maths Anxiety Awareness Day, will be held on Wednesday 10th November every year. We will be publicising events around the day via our website and social media channels. 


Bringing education trusts and communities together to tackle the issue.

Event Summary: 

These guests were part of the live webinar in 2021.

In 2022, our free webinar  with Tom Hunt involved a greater participation with audience and teachers. We produced videos from Dominic Petronzi (University of Derby, Maths Anxiety Research group), Peter Cherry and Scarlet (both Dyscalculic, sharing their personal experiences of life with this condition.)

Steve Chinn

Steve Chinn, PhD FRSA

Steve is a visiting professor at the University of Derby, UK. Internationally regarded as an expert in the field of maths learning difficulties, Steve Chinn has spent his career focused on understanding and supporting students overcome their maths difficulties. He has written eight books and numerous articles and papers on teaching and learning maths.

Dr Thomas Hunt

Tom is Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Derby. Dr Tom Hunt focuses his work on maths education and the interplay between emotion and mathematical processing. This encompasses factors such as maths anxiety, maths resilience, maths confidence, maths self-efficacy, and maths attitudes. Tom is also a member of The Maths Anxiety Trust committee. He is author of numerous papers and regularly speaks in the UK and internationally on the subject of maths anxiety.

Sue Johnston-Wilder

Sue Johnston-Wilder

Sue is Associate Professor, Mathematics Education, University of Warwick. Sue Johnston-Wilder specialises in Mathematics Education, and in particular, inclusion and empowerment in maths: through use of technology, history of maths, apparatus, modelling interesting applications, addressing maths anxiety and developing mathematical resilience. She works with teachers, learners, parents and supporters of maths learning. Sue is a Chartered teacher of Mathematics, Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Jane Emerson

Jane Emerson

Jane is Founder of Emerson House Learning Centre, London. Jane Emerson trained as a Speech and Language Therapist in London. She worked for the NHS and then went on to train as a Dyslexia Specialist teacher.She and the late Dorian Yeo started Emerson House and the maths side of the work developed to explore the connections between dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. Jane continued Dorian’s pioneering work and helped many primary pupils with marked maths anxiety and speech difficulties with numeracy. Following on from Dorian’s book ‘Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Mathematics’ in 2003, Jane went on to write The Dyscalculia Assessment and The Dyscalculia Solution with Patricia Babtie, published by Bloomsbury. Jane is very experienced in achieving success with pupils whose maths anxiety prevented them from reaching their potential in this crucial subject.

Rob Jennings

Rob Jennings

The webinar will be chaired by Rob Jennings, Co-founder of The Dyscalculia Network. Rob is Director of Maths at Emerson House, managing the teaching team and working in partnership with parents and schools. Emerson House is an acknowledged leader in the support of Dyscalculia. In addition to his Specialist Maths Teacher training, Rob also has a Certificate of Psychometric testing, Assessment & Access Arrangements (CPT3A), and has co- developed 'The Maths & Dyscalculia Assessment (MDA)', a new dyscalculia assessment.