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Maths Anxiety

Maths Anxiety is a real problem facing many children. Disorganisation, helplessness, apprehension, tension and in some cases, sheer panic can happen when they are faced with maths problems.


According to a Cambridge University report published in 2019, research amongst 1,700 schoolchildren discovered an overwhelming feeling that maths was more difficult than other subjects, contributing to a lack or loss of confidence and negative emotions. Fast forward to adulthood and Maths Anxiety leads to four out of five adults showing low functional mathematics skills, according to a 2014 report from National Numeracy.

Despite Maths Anxiety being a pervasive issue, it often goes unnoticed. Worse still, Maths Anxiety may result in thoughts such as “I’m just not good at maths.”

The Cambridge University report points to the factors that influence Maths Anxiety showing that teachers and parents may inadvertently play a role in a child’s development of it and that girls tend to be more affected than boys.

The education system must be more aware and better equipped to deal with the emotional triggers that can blight a child’s ability to learn.

Maths Anxiety Awareness Day

That’s why on 10th November The Dyscalculia Network, have Maths Anxiety Awareness Day. This is designed to help teachers and parents identify the signs of Maths Anxiety and introduce them to strategies that may be effective in reducing Maths Anxiety, helping to restore confidence and a love of learning maths.

The day will include advice from leading experts on how to spot, measure and manage Maths Anxiety. There will be three conferences aimed at Educators, Parents and Adults. For more details click below.