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My Journey to Triumph: Overcoming Dyscalculia's Challenges

By Joe 

Hello, it's Joe here, and today I'm sharing a journey that began in the 1980s, a time when understanding, identifying, and supporting learning differences like mine were, sadly, not common.

Growing up during that era was quite an experience, especially when it came to learning difficulties. Many people around me didn't quite grasp the concept of embracing mixed abilities in the class room.

My struggles in the classroom weren't just personal; they often led to misunderstandings and even isolation.

I was a child trying to navigate a world that seemed to revolve around numbers, while those very numbers felt like an ever-shifting puzzle. It was like playing a game without knowing the rules.

The emotional toll was immense. While I longed to be one of those kids who could effortlessly tackle math problems and fit in, my limitations were met with a lack of empathy and impatience. Instead, I found myself adrift, often lost and full of self-doubt - all rooted in Dyscalculia.

But here's where the story takes an incredible turn: My friend and work colleague, who eventually played a pivotal role in my diagnosis, saw something in me that I couldn't see in myself. They opened doors for me to register with a university and laterly provided support that allowed me to seek the services of a specialist Dyscalculia tutor, someone who understood my unique challenges and could guide me through them. Which has been monumental in concluding the first year of university where 1st year was almost dedicated entirely to advance maths! With the help of this incredible pair and their unwavering support, I began to regain my confidence, my voice, and a renewed energy to succeed. It was like finding the missing piece to a puzzle I'd been struggling with all my life.

Dyscalculia has left a lasting mark on my education, career choices, self-esteem, and social network. It's a challenge I am learning to face head-on, and it's driven me to advocate for equality, even when the road is tough. It's made me vulnerable, but it's also made me determined to defeat Dyscalculia

Why am I sharing all this? Because I want you to know that with the right support and understanding, it's possible to overcome even the most significant challenges. It's okay to seek help and embrace your unique journey, even if it's filled with obstacles and self limiting thoughts.

I'm taking each day as it comes, learning, growing, and celebrating the small victories. I'm grateful for the support, belief, and encouragement offered to me.

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