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Numberline 4 in a Row

By Karen Go Soco 

This game is quick to set up and gives practise of placing numbers appropriately on a numberline, an activity which some learners can find difficult. It is great to play before introducing the concept of rounding numbers. It can be easily adapted to working with different ranges of numbers.

You will need:
• An empty numberline with 10 intervals
• 10-sided dice (or place value dice)
• Coloured pens/pencils.

How to play:
• Record the end numbers on the numberline, 1 to 1000 for 3-digit numbers, and let the learner fill in multiples of 100 for each marked interval.
• Take turns to roll the dice to make a 3-digit number, marking it with your chosen colour in the correct place on the numberline.
• The winner is the first person to record 4 numbers in an unbroken line.

Fuller instructions, variations and numberlines are available at: 

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