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Our Ask the Expert series will focus on questions asked by our followers about dyscalculia and will be answered by Jane Emerson, co-author of The Dyscalculia Assessment and The Dyscalculia Solution.

Question 1:

What differences in the early years can be observed in a pupil who is developing numerical skills easily and in a pupil who may be showing signs of dyscalculia?

Question 2:

What early observations may be exhibited in a child showing signs of dyscalculia?

Question 3:

Is it possible for a nine year old to show many signs of dyscalculia but has successfully learned her times tables?

Question 4:

Why can a person do a sum correctly one day and feel it is new to them on the following day?

Question 5:

What resources would suggest for me, as a teacher who supports individual pupils in various areas, now that I have become aware of the existence of dyscalculia?

Jane Emerson