Euro Final 2020 Maths worksheets

We are so delighted that England have reached the Euro 2020 football final (the first men’s final since 1966!!), that we have put together a series of maths worksheets to celebrate:

We have included three pdf files for you to download here:

The Dyscalculia Network – Beginners questions

– Sheet 1 (Addition & Subtraction pyramid – ‘start from the bottom’)
– Sheet 2 (Find the missing football shirt number)

The Dyscalculia Network – Intermediate questions

– Sheet 1 (Decode the football song title)
– Sheet 2 (Euro 2020 Team ranking)

The Dyscalculia Network – Advanced questions
– Sheet 1 (Rounding to nearest 100/1000)
– Sheet 2 (Multiplication/Division pyramid – ‘start from the bottom’)