5 Times Tables and Division using a multi-sensory approach


Cat Eadle 

Once the 10 times tables and related division facts are securely in place we want to next begin work on linking the 10 times tables to the 5 times tables. It is important to first know how to half multiples of 10 (see our previous blog post) and then we can begin working on 5 times as half of 10 times. 


In this video Cat uses dot pattern representations, glass nuggets and Cuisenaire rods to show different visual ways of linking 10x to 5x. 


Look out for a great game towards the end of the video – the game sheet is free to download here –


The Dyscalculia Network – 5 Times Tables Game


The video can be watched here –




Glass nuggets for counters can be purchased here- 




Cuisenaire rods can be purchased here –