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Times Tables Tetris 

Cat Eadle and Judy Hornigold 


To play, each player will need:

Two dice- 1-9 (with zero being 10) or 1-6 (for pupils who have only yet covered up to 6 times tables) 

A coloured pencil/ pen

A ruler 

A  Tetris game board - Download here - 

The Dyscalculia Network- Times Tables Tetris!


Each player takes turns to roll the two dice, they form an array based on the product of the two numbers they rolled e.g. 4x5= 20 so build a 4 x 5 grid to make an area of 20, and strategically places the array on the grid (just like you would in Tetris).


Take turns until one player can't fit the array they throw on the dice on their grid! 


The winner is the person with fewest squares on the grid left over - in the example below  player 1 (green) wins as they have the least squares left!  

You can play as a big group or just two players! 

Remember to encourage the use of Key Facts when working out the answer to each question! 


Have fun! 




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