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Jane Hoyer 

Dyscalculia Specialist Tutor - Retford - DN22


Jane says, 


'Since I was eight years old I wanted to be a teacher for those who struggle with maths. Therefore, qualifying with a Post Graduate Certificate in Dyscalculia fulfilled my dreams.


As a dyslexic I have great empathy for students who face learning challenges and have learning anxiety.


I have a PGCE (Maths) and have taught maths in mainstream secondary schools as well as at a specialist college for the deaf and to adults.

It is interesting to consider that I have now qualified in a field that did not exist when I started maths teaching. I am now qualified to plan specific structured teaching for those who are dyscalculic or struggle with maths.


Specialist multi-sensory tutoring of this nature is best delivered face to face as hands-on, fun, tailored sessions are an important element of effective understanding. However, on-line options are also available.


My aim is to equip students to tackle the challenges they face, have the self confidence to overcome them and to achieve their potential'


Jane teaches young people and adults and can be contacted here - 


[email protected]


or take a peak at her website here - 



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