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Negative Numbers 

Marijke Walters 


It is a key component of secondary school mathematics to be able to work with negative numbers. The concept is used in both number work and algebra and geometry, so it is crucial that a good understanding is acquired so students can progress mathematically.


Sadly, it is not always taught well. While different schools of thought recommend different approaches for teaching adding and subtracting negative numbers, I would like to share my way of teaching this. It is based on nearly 20 years of experience working with thousands of learners in mainstream and special schools in the UK.


This video is designed to be used with a supporting adult or as a professional development resource for teachers on a possible example of explaining negative numbers to their learners. There is no quick fix here; make sure you are working with the student through every step. 


Have fun and good luck! I hope it will make you or your learner a little more confident.


Marijke Walters can be contacted here - 

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