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Kate Papageorgiou

(Cambourne Dyslexia)


Kate says,

‘I have always taught maths to those with maths difficulties and have done so since I started teaching in 1992.  My first tutee was a young lady who struggled with maths greatly and it was while working with her that I discovered all the patterns in the 9 times table! It was while working with her that I also discovered it is possible to not know what two digits you can add together to make 10 and 9 and how important it is to be able to do both of these to be able to do any other maths. At this time this young lady was at the bottom of the bottom maths set in her year at school. Nine months later and she was moving up to the second set and my work there was done!

Cut to today and I now hold a level 6 qualification in ‘Difficulties in Learning Maths’ and I am the proud owner of many many books on teaching maths and have a whole pile of plastic and wooden resources.  As well as buying in other people’s resources I still make many of my own and have a great resource for addition and subtraction made out of egg boxes! Sometimes you just can’t beat paper/card and scissors!

I now assess for dyscalculia and support my fellow tutors and assessors with diagnosis and report writing as well as running a busy practice myself.  I have an eye for the statistics which is very useful when it comes to spotting what is going on overall with the interactions between a number of SpLDs. 

I have set up a parent and professionals’ group on Facebook and another group for professionals only (The second remains closed with a strong vetting procedure due to us discussing how we assess).  

I also sell some of my resources which includes a set of parents’ sheets to help them teach maths to their learners with difficulties.’

Kate has also kindly shared an instructional worksheet on how to make a memory box- useful as a memory aid/revision tool! You can download it here –

To make a memory box from an index box and how to use it

You can get in touch with Kate on 

07970 741125

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