Marianne Boutall AMBDA, PG Cert+Dip in Dyscalculia Research and Practise, APC (Patoss)

Marianne is a qualified ‘Dyscalculia/Maths Difficulties due to a SpLD’ diagnostic assessor.

She is particularly interested in the key definitions of dyscalculia and maths difficulties due to SpLD.  She adheres to the guidelines set out by SASC (SpLD Assessment Standards Committee).

Marianne says,
“The guidelines from SASC provide assessors with updated, evidence based, operationally effective definitions and procedures which enable assessors to differentiate between Dyscalculia, Maths Difficulties within other SpLDs and Maths Learning Difficulties arising from other factors such as lack of appropriate teaching, environmental factors or other medical conditions. According to the SASC (2019) definition of Dyscalculia, the key difference between Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties due to a SpLD is the lack of number sense”
If you would like to find out more about Marianne’s assessment/tutoring services, please contact  or visit her nearly finished website

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