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Molly Cove I believe passionately that every child has the potential to achieve academic success. Specialist teachers can be hugely instrumental in ensuring that the potential of children experiencing learning difficulties is harnessed.  My move into SpLD began when my son was identified as having processing difficulties. Observing him blossom in both confidence and understanding under the guidance of specialist tutors secured my decision to move into this area of teaching. I hope to provide the same experience to the children that I now teach.  An an SpLD tutor, I teach children who have been diagnosed with dyscalculia and / or dyslexia or who are experiencing difficulties within these areas. I teach on a 1:1 or small group basis. This allows the opportunity to provide focused teaching to students in a way that works for them. My planning is tailored specifically to meet the needs of each child. My experience of teaching children with Dyscalculia or demonstrating a specific and persistent difficulty in the understanding of maths has been developed under the guidance of the dedicated and inspiring teachers at Emerson House. This has been invaluable to me as a tutor and I continue to incorporate the wealth of knowledge and strategies that I have observed into my own practise. You can contact Molly via our website 
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