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Nadia Thompson 


I became involved with teaching in my 40's when I found out my older son was struggling and it became apparent there was a strong dyslexic trait in my side of the family, which explained why I was a very late reader and took my English 'O' level a number of times. 


My training was initially with Montessori, who used concrete materials with a strong focus on Maths, and although I went down the Dyslexia route first, I have always worked teaching maths to children with dyscalculia, both in school and independently using concrete materials.


I started my dyscalculia L5 course with The Dyscalculia Association in 2020 to understand more and improve what I had been doing. 


I currently work 2 days a week in an alternative education provision working with children in primary and secondary with SpLD's, tutor from home and carry out assessments. 


This doesn't leave much time for my personal life, but I can normally be found at the weekends in my allotment with my husband and Barkey the dog. 


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07899 988048 

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