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Una Buckley 


Una Buckley is the founder of Blossom4life, which provides ongoing support to people with learning differences mainly dyslexia, offering a range of supports from online courses to individual assessments to diversity and inclusion programs for universities and corporations.

While she has been running her business for the past numbers of years, she has also completed her qualification in child psychology and fashion and design with previously receiving a BComm. and MSc from UCC in Ireland where she received Scholar of the Year award. She now also guests’ lecturers in MTU University in Ireland.

Una is dyslexic which is why she is so passionate about helping others who struggled just like her.


Blossom4life also works with students with dyscalculia using a range of multi- sensory approaches. They help inform teachers and lecturers about this area and provide them with practical tools to help a students in their classroom. 


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