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The Jenga Effect


The Jenga effect is when the foundations of maths aren't secure and so this impacts every 'layer' of maths learning that follows it.


When a pupil doesn't have secure foundations or there are foundations missing altogether the more maths knowledge and understanding that is attempted to be  added without filling these gaps the more the pupil will struggle.

The tower becomes more wobbly as more blocks are added. without the secure understanding the child starts to feel anxious - the Maths Monster begins  to lurk.


By the time the child is  9/10/11 + they start to become overwhelmed and the more maths that is added the LESS secure they become as everything feels unsure.

Then there is great danger of the TOWER COLLAPSING... and the pupil refusing to engage with maths at all...


It is VITALLY important for pupils with Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties to have the early foundations of maths put in place - no matter how long that takes.


No matter how old the pupil is... 6 /16/ 60 going back and finding out where they first got stuck and re building from there up is the key to a stronger maths tower and a pupil who changes from I can't do it and I hate Maths to I love maths and I can do it! 


Look out for The Jenga Effect Part 2  'How can secure foundations be built? next week!'

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